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Sandland Packaging News

Keeping you up-to-date with the lates news from Sandland Packaging.
09 Mar 2016
ISO9001 awarded to Sandland Packaging Limited
Sandland Packaging has recently been awarded the internationally recognised ISO9001 Certification. “We are delighted with the certification,” explains Martin Hickman, Managing Director. “It demonstrates that we have a high quality management system in place, ensuring consistency and improvement. It is also testament to the high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. We are now committed to continuous improvement and will be assessed annually to ensure ongoing progress. It is a great credit to the entire team here and something we will strive to maintain.”
Sandland Packaging
04 Feb 2015
New Machinery
With the sucessfull purchase of our new TCY Casemaker we are able to produce a further seven thousand boxes per hour. This enables us to increase the volume of our production further. 

As well as the new casemaker here on site we have a new semi-auto die cutter. This again allows us to further increase our production quantities.
Sandland Packaging
10 Sep 2014
New All Weather Area at Sandland Packaging
With our newly built all weather loading bay we are able to load and unload all vehicles more efficently.

With a wider access for vehicles to park we are now able to hold several vehicles at one time while the dispatch process takes place.