Sustainability is now a critical consideration for businesses across all industries and many companies are adopting more positive practices on a journey to NetZero. But are your customers aware of your commitment to reducing your impact on the environment? There are a number of ways to make sure your customers know your business is taking sustainability seriously.

Print your packaging with the FSC® logo

To communicate your commitment to corrugated packaging sustainability, it’s crucial to engage in transparent and meaningful communication. Sandland Packaging are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified which means we supply material that is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Responsible management means harvesting trees with no net loss of forest and any valuable areas of growth are maintained. Reversing deforestation and maintaining irreplaceable forests are crucial to fighting climate change.

Show your commitment by printing the FSC® logo on to your packaging – we can flexo print in two colours.

Use Carbon Neutral corrugated packaging and the PAS2060 logo

Sandland Packaging became Carbon Neutral 18 months ago with the help of TTBCG. To do this we measured our carbon footprint, set out a plan to work on reducing our emissions and then offset what we couldn’t currently eliminate. Recently, we retained our PAS2060 Carbon Neutral certification with a 15.88% reduction in our carbon footprint equating to 968.18 tonnes of CO2e compared to the 12 month boundary period. A fantastic achievement showing our commitment to sustainability and NetZero.

This is a huge benefit to our customers. Anything purchased from Sandland Packaging is certified Carbon Neutral and you are able to show this on your packaging. We are able to Flexo print a PAS 2060 logo on to your boxes to show your commitment to reducing your impact on the environment.

It’s worthwhile noting that Sandland Packaging offset emissions from Scope 1, 2 and all 15 categories in Scope 3. In these days of “greenwashing”, it’s important to use partners who are fully committed to a plan for NetZero.

An additional benefit of using Carbon Neutral packaging is being able to report your packaging emissions as zero when measuring your own carbon footprint.

Using Bespoke Packaging for your products

Lastly, using bespoke packaging, designed specifically to fit your products, tells your customers that you care about minimising waste and using only the requisite amount of material. Bespoke packaging is custom made for your high value products to make sure they are safely supported in storage and when being transported, helping eliminate the cost of damage in transit.

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In a world where sustainable choices are not just applauded but expected, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability by using corrugated packaging can set you apart from the competition. By using corrugated packaging that is sourced sustainably and printing the relevant logos and information on your packaging, you show that you care about the planet and are actively working to minimise your ecological footprint.

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