Fitments are an essential part of packaging that are used inside the outer box or case to help protect and secure products during transportation and storage. They are designed to fit around items to prevent movement or damage during shipping. Poorly designed fitments are frustrating for manufacturers: high value items can be broken or damaged if not securely protected. Similarly, packaging that doesn’t maximise the space available means higher costs.

Bespoke fitments work across all product types and are designed to hold each item firmly and securely in the most effective way. Here we look at some of the most common types for different sectors and products:

Manufacturers – for high value items

For high value items such as furniture, including flat pack and where there are multiple units, like kitchens and bathrooms, it is essential these items are delivered and stored without damage. Here die-cut fitments made from corrugated cardboard are designed to fit the exact dimensions of the product accommodating any size or shape and specifically covering the edges and corners.

Electronic components – for multiple components

Where transportation is needed for multiple items such as electronic components, bespoke fitments provide cushioning and protection for these sensitive products. They need to be held securely but also be easy to remove and use when they reach their final destination. It is important to make sure packaging is easy to assemble so as not to waste valuable production time.

Food and drink – for bottles or packs

Corrugated die-cut trays are commonly used in food and drinks packaging to provide a secure and efficient way to transport and store products. For maximum efficiency they are custom designed to fit the specific container carrying the drink or product. This means they will protect the items while still making sure as many products as possible are being transported for maximum efficiency. Read here an example of how we helped one of our clients who needed to transport glass containers.

Designing bespoke fitments

The best bespoke packaging fitments will be a perfect fit for the product but also simple to assemble and use. No two design briefs are the same, read how we replaced fitments for a Lottery Stand which needed to be made from a single unit for simplicity of assembly and use.

Replacing plastic, foam or polystyrene units

If the fitments being used are made from foam, plastic or polystyrene, it is a simple design task to convert these to corrugated material. Many companies are opting to do this because they want to reduce their impact on the environment and have a plan to achieve NetZero. Another benefit of using corrugated is the ease in which it can be adapted to meet changing requirements as products are updated.

It is never best practice just to replace like-for-like but always make sure your supplier audits the products being transported and designs a bespoke fitment to suit the specific requirements. This is something we do a lot at Sandland Packaging – read how we replaced the plastic packaging for a leading consumer goods manufacturer.

Aiming for NetZero – CarbonNeutral certified packaging

Corrugated cardboard is biodegradable and can be easily recycled, making it a sustainable choice for all packaging fitments. For the maximum environmental benefit, you will need a supplier who offsets all of their carbon emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 so the fitments are certified CarbonNeutral. Read how we went through the journey to become CarbonNeutral last year. This will reduce your upstream emissions calculation when measuring your carbon footprint.

It is also worth checking if your supplier is FSC certified so your material has an audited chain of custody.

Fitments are an essential part of packaging that help to protect and secure products during transportation and storage and can easily be part of your environmental programme and contribute to your journey to NetZero. Each type has its own unique feature and benefit, and making sure your supplier provides the right on will help to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

For a quote or more information about bespoke fitments for your products please get in touch.