For Sandland Packaging, complying with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 means meeting our recycling obligation, compiling the evidence of compliance and submitting a certificate of compliance (COC).

We do this through Paperpak’s Compliance Scheme to make sure our actions have been checked and approved through an independent company. Receiving their corticate means we’ve collected the relevant data, completed the correct paperwork and met all applicable charges.

Of course, this legislation is changing. Under the new rules for Extended Producer Responsibility, UK organisations responsible for packaging have updated legislation, including new paperwork, different categorisations and more detailed data collection. The actual packaging fees have been deferred to January 2025; however the relevant data should be collected now.

We’ll be bringing you an update on the current EPR situation shortly. For more information go to Paperpak or Defra or get in touch with any questions.