Sandland Packaging has successfully passed its most recent audit for the quality standard ISO 9001 which it has held since 2016. This shows their commitment to the highest quality standards particularly important when supplying such a huge range of bespoke corrugated packaging products.

We know our customers depend on us to provide exceptional quality corrugated packaging every time. At Sandland Packaging, we specialise in providing a bespoke service – any box any size – which means we have to make sure we provide exceptional quality whatever shape, size or box requirement our customers have. Passing our latest ISO 9001 audit shows our customers we take quality seriously. Martin Hickman, Managing Director.

A commitment to quality is part of a wider improvement strategy including achieving FSC status and helping customers design cost-effective and efficient packaging to meet their needs. Sandland Packaging are the leading manufacturer of bespoke corrugated packaging in the West Midlands.