Sandland packaging before and after

We’ve come a long way, don’t you think?
Our journey with the new branding and investment has transformed our company profoundly. Before, we struggled with a dullish site and an uninspiring environment that failed to reflect our potential. However, through strategic investment, fresh, modern rebranding and a lot of hard work, we have revitalised Sandland Packaging and will continue to strengthen our brand identity.

We hope this transformation is pleasing to the eye for commuters and everyone watching Sandland from the outside – in, and we are happy to say our members of staff admit that the branding, signage and new site look is a big upgrade!

Before: Pre 2021
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sp old site 4
sp old site 1
sp old site 2
sp old site 3

After: Post 2021
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sp new site 2
sp new site 4
sp new site 3
sp new site 6

New Fleet

Check out just some of our vehicles which you may spot out and about, with new Sandland Packaging branding of course.
Sp fleet 2024
sp new site 8
sp new site 7

Additional Signage

The most recent additions to our external site branding, our new signposts which will help commuters easily find our site location, these were installed
near the entrance of the site and also near the closest junction to the Sandland Packaging site.
SP new signage 1
sp new signage 2

Martin Hickman – Managing Director

“We are pleased to have installed new signage around our site location which will help our stakeholders find us easier and I’m also looking forward to the many improvements to come around our brand identity”