The Challenge:

The customer came to us with their product, this time the product given to us was a wooden “foot” for a sofa. The customer needed packaging that will secure the small component and deny all possibilities of corner chipping on the wooden material.

We needed to do this while minimising cost for our customer. Failure to come up with a solution that would not protect the sofa’s component means that our customer could face having their sofa’s returned to them by their consumer if their is too much damage / chipping.


The Solution:

By utilising advanced CAD software, we opted to create our customer an interior fitment rather than a whole package / box, this gives the customer more freedom when assembling their packaging but also ensures safety for the product. The fitment features two locking tabs that go into the slots on the rear of the fitment which allow the interior fitment to come together and keeps it secured. (This is also easy for the customer to put together and is designed to be hassle free).

The interior fitment is made up of 125KTB single wall material which provides enough protection for the product but also is not overkill.


The Result:

The result of our bespoke corrugated furniture fitment has been outstanding. The customer has reported significantly reduced damage during transit, thanks to the snug, secure fit that our solution provides. The fitment has proven versatile and accommodates the furniture components shape and size with ease. Additionally, the use of recyclable material has resonated well with eco-conscious customer, aligning with their sustainability goals. Overall, our innovative fitment design has enhanced product protection, streamlined packing processes, and boosted customer satisfaction.

“We’ve been using the bespoke fitment to protect our furniture’s components (wooden sofa foot). The fitments fit perfectly, providing excellent protection and virtually eliminating transit damage. Our customers appreciate the eco-friendly materials, and we’ve noticed a significant improvement in overall satisfaction. This packaging solution has truly elevated our shipping process and added value”

— Operations Manager at a Furniture company local to us

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