Sandland Packaging, one of the UK’s leading cardboard packaging manufacturers, is delighted to have retained its PAS2060 Carbon Neutral certification for the 3rd year in succession, having further reduced its greenhouse gas emissions across its entire business activities and mitigated the remaining emissions. Since starting its journey to Net Zero in 2021, Sandland has reduced its full 3 scope Carbon Footprint by 17.15% a total of 1,045,800kg CO2e. This is equivalent to someone flying around the world over 88 times!

The UK is legally committed to reach Net Zero by 2050, but Sandland Packaging has set a target of achieving this massive milestone by 2040, 10 years ahead of the back stop. Working with leading carbon accountancy, ‘Turning The Black Country Green’ Sandland Packaging has measured its GHG emissions across all 3 scopes since 2021, implemented measures to reduce emissions and then using UFCCC, Verra VCS & Gold Standard carbon credits to offset the remaining GHG emissions to achieve Carbon Neutral certification to PAS2060, the globally recognised standard for Carbon Neutrality, which requires year on year reductions.

Martin Hickman, Managing Director confirmed, “Achieving a year on year reduction in our GHG emissions for the Sandland Packaging business is a massive achievement. Huge thanks to our team for their hard work and dedication. Sandland Packaging is a Carbon Neutral company and all of our customers benefit from this. But it doesn’t stop there – this work is ongoing. We’ll be continuing to review our energy and fuel use, speaking to our supply chain and looking at new technologies to continue our journey towards NetZero.”

“We are delighted to continue to support Sandland Packaging on their journey to Net Zero and to celebrate in the huge achievement of realising a 17.15% reduction since 2021” said Dom Napier, Managing Director of TTBCG. “Whilst 2050 may seem a lifetime away, our opportunity to address the climate crisis requires immediate action by everyone, TODAY! Small changes can make huge differences, that will secure generations to come can enjoy our precious planet. Net Zero is legally binding in the UK since 2019, under the Climate Change Act of 2008, so the only decision to make as a business is when do I start the journey? Reducing GHG emissions reduces costs, increases revenues and attracts talent, with recent studies finding that Generation Z will pay up to 10% more for products or services that come from sustainable suppliers. We are now focusing on reducing Sandland’s Operational Control emissions by a further 80% over the next 3 years focusing on transportation and energy consumption, whilst mobilising their supply chain to begin decarbonising as it contributes over 86% of the 2023 Carbon Footprint.”

By retaining the PAS2060 Carbon Neutral certification across full 3 scope accountancy, all of Sandland Packaging’s products are certified to have ZERO GHG emissions for all of their customers, allowing them to report a reduction of their packaging carbon footprint. This means that any business can begin reducing their own Carbon Footprint by simply switching to Sandland Packaging for all of their packaging needs.