The Challenge:

A couple of years ago we helped a local butcher move online to secure their business during the Covid pandemic. We took them from carrier bags and multiple containers to a streamlined set of boxes with their branding. This has been so successful they decided to extend their offering from local to national deliveries. They asked for our help.


The Solution:

National deliveries means using courier services so the box sizes needed to be a stronger board grade and altered design. We offered three options of material and two amended sizes on the boxes and provided samples of each. The customer placed an order for the new two sizes in a heavier grade and launched national deliveries on their website.


The Result:

The family butcher is ambitious for growth and extremely happy with the support they get from Sandland Packaging. It is great for us to have helped a local business move to nationwide deliveries.

“We needed expert know-how to move the business offering from local to national. Sandland Packaging help us every time”. – Owner, Retailer Company

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